The St. Rochus Hospital - a modern clinic with a long tradition

With a history that stretches back more than 170 years, the St. Rochus Hospital is one of the oldest psychiatric clinics in the German province of Westfalia. It was founded in 1848 by the Catholic order of Franciscan nuns in Münster St. Mauritz and is now run by the St. Francis Foundation Münster.

Our modern specialist clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy has a total of 291 beds and covers the following areas:

  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy
  • Psychosomatic conditions and psychotherapy
  • Geriatric psychiatry
  • Addiction
  • Outpatient clinics in Warendorf and Ahlen
  • Psychiatric outpatient care
  • Ambulatory care service

The hospital is able to treat all aspects of adult mental illness. The most common conditions are reactive and endogenous depression, anxiety and obsessive/compulsive disorders, neuroses, psychoses, addictions and age-related mental illnesses.

In addition to the clinic, we also offer an independent residential section for individuals with mental illnesses and mental disabilities. Supervised accommodation, a day centre for people with mental illnesses and a specialist service for occupational reintegration round out the services in this area.

proCum Cert and KTQ certification

At the beginning of 2004 the St. Rochus Hospital Telgte was one of the first psychiatric clinics in Germany (and the first in Westfalia) to be awarded the KTQ (cooperation for transparency and quality in the health sector) quality certificate. Following further inspections the hospital was awarded the dual seal of quality from the proCum Cert and KTQ organisations. This award confirms the success of the various measures implemented to ensure continuous quality improvement at the St. Rochus Hospital.

The additional proCum Cert award recognises the special aspects of quality assurance at the St. Rochus Hospital that are characteristic of a hospital run by religious orders. The quality criteria include an atmosphere of Christian charity, a complete range of pastoral care, the incorporation of Christian values in personnel training and a sense of social responsibility.

Our Board of Directors

Dipl.-Kaufmann Daniel Freese, CEO
Tel. +49 2504 60-315, Fax +49 2504 60-244, E-Mail

Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Rothermundt, Medical Director
Tel. +49 2504 60-122, Fax +49 2504 60-121, E-Mail

Dr. med. Mechthild Buiker-Brinker, Deputy Medical Director
Tel. +49 2504 60-167, Fax +49 2504 60-121, E-Mail

Dipl.-Theologe Matthias Schulte, Chief Nursing Officer
Tel. +49 2504 60-100, E-Mail

General information:

St. Rochus-Hospital Telgte GmbH
Am Rochus-Hospital 1
D-48291 Telgte
Tel. +49 2504 60-0, Fax +49 2504 60-119